Made it, finally

We made it, this week, to the Saturday night version of the Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery Concert Series.  Toph and Tom were the band, we rolled into a gently attended evening of music and children running down the long vineyard paths..

IMG_5581it was gorgeous, and because it was on a Saturday, and because it was a night that falsely threatened rain, there was much more space to run, to jump, to spread out the adultspace for eating and drinking.  I spent much of the night following a toddler from rock to rock, down the path to the frogpond, astonished by the variety of greens visible in the land as the light started to fade.  Dusk is something to see, when life allows… the toddler was so startled by some swallows that she sat smack down in the middle of the path, and we watched the swoops froIMG_5580m ground level.


I was toddler-chasing, but heard that lots of good conversation was had, new people were met, and the boys were gone most of the time, running, doing pullups on the metal bar behind the shed, and hiding in the vineyard.  Gorgeous. Gorgeous.





Missed it!

Oh, the trials and tribulations of a Westporter with too many things to do, I tell you.   We picked up our pizza at Mediterranean Pizza on Rt. 6, and headed out to the Westport River Vineyard and Winery for their concert series.  Its such a great thing, ten bucks a car, picnics, kids running wildly and safely into and out of soccer games, climbing rocks, being scolded not to touch the grapes dangling from the vines…IMG_5513 but we were too late.  We ran a half hour late tonight, saw my mother walking in as the last of the last were allowed through.  It was not to be… Evidently, you can get pre-event tickets online now… maybe if I get myself together earlier next week, I’ll figure it out … this summer brain is no laughing matter.

So, instead, we took our devastated boys (this is stupid, you are stupid, there’s not going to be any kids, can’t we just go back to the beach?) over to park and eat at the Brewery on Horseneck instead… it was similarly gorgeous, similarly stocked with Russell family members, and monumentally less crowded… we ate our pizza on the grass, explored farm vehicles, played catch with the baseball… I took some photos of the skies, and from what I see on facebook, the people at the Vineyard were just as taken with the Westport beauty as I was. . .



so many opportunities to be blown away here… its just non-stop…