The MAC.

School is SOOOO close to beginning again, and our ritualized trip to the Macomber Family Picnic happened this week.  The pre-school, kindergarten and now first grade building is open for business this Tuesday.  It is an early evening chance to drop off supplies, (the schools are strapped enough that families are all bringing in bags of notebooks, pencils, folders, gluesticks, etc. and the little ones can’t carry such a stockup in their backpacks and still make it up the steps of the bus!) … but much more importantly, its a first chance to meet the teachers and see the whos who list of future classmates. My six year old talked about the coming picnic for at least a week in advance.  ‘I’m so excited for Thursday, Mom.’  The teachers volunteer their time to meet the kids, the kids play shy with grownups and run crazy in the bubble area.  There is a bus to ride for the first-timers and their families.  **The WES/MAC PTO ( find them on Facebook) had information to hand out, their first meeting is Sept 9, I believe.  The WEF, Westport Education Foundation, (also on fb) also had information as did the CubScouts.  It is really a great beginning to the year for the kids, and the families who are re-seeing the children’s friends, and neighbors.

It is really a lovely time, and it is amazing that so many people volunteer to make it happen. Imagine that, volunteering! 🙂

**The organizations, WES/MAC PTO and WEF are great volunteer organizations, fundraisers, information sources for the town and for the schools.  Support them with your energy, time and money!!  We love this town, we need to show it.


I wish I had pictures to add, but I forgot my camera and can’t take pictures of other people’s kids… just can’t.

Hope all is well… the countdown to the schoolbus is on!

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